Chinyere Ulasi

the Finance Queen

Author, Mentor, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Financial Consultant, and consummate professional, Chinyere Ulasi is a proud Nigerian- American and President of the Chief Sylvanus Ulasi Scholarship Foundation Incorporated. The eldest of four children, Chinyere developed a passion for advocacy and financial literacy, fueled by running her father’s business beginning at age 11. She has a life-long commitment to eliminate poverty and provide financial education throughout the world by teaching others the importance of capital preservation, building and protecting credit, and not becoming dependent on credit.

Chinyere started working at Wells Fargo as a part-time bank teller with the intention of earning extra money. This part-time job became the catalyst for her financial career journey. Eight promotions later, Chinyere reached the pinnacle branch level position of Premier Banker. While a Premier Banker, Chinyere also served as a Notary Public Official for the state of North Carolina, a Licensed Life Insurance Agent, and North Carolina Chamber of Commerce Board Member. Although she specialized in Estate Planning and investments, Chinyere also assisted with loan preparation, approving insurance checks, selling various types of insurance, providing credit options for both business, and personal clients, preparation and execution of trusts and the creation, and filing of all power of attorney documents.

Bold, brazen, and brimming with confidence, Chinyere left Wells Fargo and launched her financial consulting brand during the global pandemic of 2020. Her business puts an EXTREME concentration and focus on debt education, to ensure credit usage be used as a tool for financial success rather than a crutch. Understanding the importance of financial literacy, Chinyere has helped clients prepare for all phases of life. This Includes opening savings accounts for children, hosting workshops for children and teens that teach the fundamentals of counting money and saving for their future. Assisting adults with building and repairing credit to secure mortgage, business, and personal loans/ lines of credit. Providing tips and strategies to help customers with budgeting, saving, and planning for their lifelong financial goals.

Spare time is rare time, but Chinyere enjoys traveling the world, the sound and view of the ocean, walking barefoot on the beach, playing with her dog, and having a good laugh with family and friends. She is never too busy to lend an ear and gives great advice. Ladies, and Gentlemen, meet the Finance Queen, Chinyere Ulasi.

We are a Financial Consulting Firm that offers:

  • Estate Planning (Trusts, Wills, POAs)
  • Wealth Management Services
  • Business & Personal Credit Repair and Establishment
  • Debt Consultation Services
  • Business Document Creation and Filing
  • Financial Budget Preparation and Consulting Services
  • Notary Public Services
  • Life Insurance Options

What Clients are Saying

“So many great things that I could say about working with Chi Chi. She has not only become my financial advisor, she has also become my friend and my sister! I have completely changed the way I view money, handle money and make money! Without her I would still be making embarrassing mistakes within my business. My credit score and my bank account are at numbers people my age do not see in a life time. I don’t know how I could ever thank her enough! She puts 100 percent into every client she has! She works endless nights and long days to get the job done! It’s not about the money for her it’s all about seeing others thrive and succeed! I am forever grateful, and this is only the beginning! Thank you a thousand times over!”

-Danijah Roman

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